temple of segesta

The Temple of Segesta founded in the 4th century BC is located in western Sicily and is easily accessible via the A29. The Greek temple in Doric style was founded by the Elymians who, through an Athenian architect, stole the style. Segesta is one of the best preserved in Europe. This is probably due to the type of limestone used for the construction ( Travertine ) and the distance from the sea. In ancient times, Sicily was connected to Africa, in the north-eastern part of the Temple there was a navigable river. It started from Marsala and passed through Trapani, Segesta, Natural Baths ( a trading point for the old population ) until it flowed into the Gulf of Castellammare. Today you can admire the rocks erosion over the centuries by water. The internal visit of the Segesta archaeological park can be booked from https://www.coopculture.it/it/poi/parco-archeologico-di-segesta/ , or alternatively you can see it by dune buggy through the countryside from a breathtaking view outside, where you can discover the river bed.


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