Temple & Food

Safari Passing through the beautiful countryside, we will stop at vineyards and orchards where we will taste the delicious seasonal fruits produced by these lands such as white and black grapes, mulberries, pomegranates, melons, figs and all that nature can offer. The various Stops are interactive with explanations about the area. Through the woods of Monte Pispisa, which from above dominates the Segesta archaeological park among woods, and then stop at an agriturism with a lunch stop of about 45 min we continue to a panoramic view where we can admire the wonderful panorama of the Temple of Segesta

Syde by side 2 seats 280 €

Syde by side 4 seats 470 €

Jeep 4 seats 430 €

Lunch in agritourism

The trails are suitable for people of all ages and families. With us, children will have the opportunity to be in touch with nature while exploring and having fun. A walking pace will be maintained throughout the course, and no running or maneuvering will be allowed. Your

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